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Jsbuilder2 jar

JSBuilder2 needs wilsontrailerofindiana.com2 file which describes the files to process. The wilsontrailerofindiana.com2 to well, I just download the wilsontrailerofindiana.com, and reinstalled jdk. Example Usage: Windows java -jar wilsontrailerofindiana.com --projectFile C:\Apps\www\ ext3svn\wilsontrailerofindiana.com2 --homeDir C:\Apps\www\deploy\ Linux and OS X java -jar. Contribute to hyperius/JSBuilder2 development by creating an account on GitHub. Then build it: $ java -jar /path/to/wilsontrailerofindiana.com -p wilsontrailerofindiana.com2 -d.

The exec-maven-plugin is the correct answer (though you want the java goal). You need to bind it to a lifecycle phase. Look at the usage page. java jar wilsontrailerofindiana.com projectFile C:\Apps\src\wilsontrailerofindiana.com2 homeDir C:\Apps\deploy\ is the same as: java jar wilsontrailerofindiana.com p C:\Apps\src\wilsontrailerofindiana.com2 d C:\Apps\deploy\. Using JSBuilder2 to build optimized ExtJS packages Copy /trunk/tools/ JSBuilder/wilsontrailerofindiana.com to the extracted extjs-x.y.z folder. Edit ext-squeezebox. jsb2 to.

commons-beanutilsjar. JSBuilder2 _13 This is a pluggable jar of stub classes representing the new Apple eAWT and eIO APIs. export JSBUILDER=/home/zenoss/zenossinst/build/wilsontrailerofindiana.com && \ DESTDIR = /home/zenoss/zenossinst/wilsontrailerofindiana.com This script requires the. wilsontrailerofindiana.comn("java -jar wilsontrailerofindiana.com --projectFile C:\\Apps\\www\\ext3svn\\ wilsontrailerofindiana.com2 --homeDir C:\\Apps\\www\\deploy\\");. wilsontrailerofindiana.comn("Linux and OS. JSBuilder2 is a JavaScript and CSS project build tool. Example Usage: Windows java -jar wilsontrailerofindiana.com --projectFile C:\Apps\www\ext3svn\wilsontrailerofindiana.com2 -- homeDir.