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Google has more than 70 offices in 50 countries. View a directory of our locations around the world. When you turn off Location History for your Google Account, it's off for all devices associated with that Google Account. Turn Location History on/off using device settings (Android & up) Delete Location History using device settings (Android & up). Your timeline in Google Maps helps you find the places you've been and the routes you've traveled. If a place is wrong on your timeline, you can edit the location and when you were there. When you enable Location History, Google records your location data and places in your Google.

When location is on, you can get information based on where your device has been. For example, you can get automatic commute predictions or better search. You can choose who can see where you are and for how long. Note: You cannot share your location in Maps Go. Learn more about Maps Go fea. Google Maps offers a Timeline feature that lets you browse the places you've visited along with the routes traveled. The feature pulls in images.

Connect your app or website users to over million points of interests with Places, using Autocomplete, Geocoding & Place Search APIs. Cloud Locations. Google Cloud Platform has added new regions in Finland and Los Angeles. GCP has 17 regions, 52 zones, over points of presence. The search engine giant is facing legal trouble over the recent discovery that users' locations are still being tracked, even when the feature has. When you turn off (technically “pause,” a choice of words in itself troubling) “ Location History,” a major Google account-level setting, you are.